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Wynyard Park was chosen as the pilot location for a Micro-District program

Wynside Out
Wynside Out


Wynyard Park was chosen as the pilot location for a Micro-District program, which was inspired by an Ernst & Young (EY) research paper "Reimagining our Economic Powerhouses." This program was made possible by the support of PDNSW, who secured funding as part of the "Festival of Place... in Your Streets" initiative. PM was awarded a closed tender to create and manage the strategy, design, and development of the Wynyard Park activation project on behalf of PDNSW.

As part of our brief, we were required to align the activation strategy with EY Wavespace Key Themes Summary, the Festival of Place objectives, and the total budget provided. We undertook extensive work to devise the activation strategy, incorporating the required elements and staying within the provided budget. Our goal was to deliver a successful activation that aligned with the broader festival objectives while reflecting the unique character and potential of Wynyard Park.

"The Wynside Out festival, held last week at Wynyard Park for two days, is an example of what business improvement districts in the city could do on an ongoing basis.”

Sydney Morning Herald

Wynside Out


WYNSIDE//OUT SYDNEY brought a fresh and exciting transformation to Wynyard Park, turning it into a micro-festival designed to draw CBD workers outdoors. This immersive two-day event offered a vibrant and eclectic dining experience, along with social drinks, team challenges, and outdoor collaboration spaces, all framed by the lush greenery of the park. WYNSIDE//OUT SYDNEY aimed to invite everyone to connect, compete, and celebrate outside.

Wynyard Park is an iconic location, known for its historical significance as Australia's first military barracks and the site of Governor Bligh's arrest during the Rum Rebellion. Today, it's surrounded by innovators, tech-heads, entrepreneurs, and financial leaders, making it a unique and vibrant space. The tightly defined edges and large trees give it the feel of an urban square, much like those found in New York City or London's Square Mile. WYNSIDE//OUT SYDNEY captured the spirit of this disruptive energy, both past and present, to create a truly unique and unforgettable experience.

Wynside Out
Wynside Out
Wynside Out

The result

The media has widely praised WYNSIDE//OUT SYDNEY as a pioneering model for activating CBD micro-districts. By transforming Wynyard Park into a vibrant micro-festival of food, play, and entertainment, the project successfully enticed CBD workers out of their office spaces and into the great outdoors.

This achievement was made possible through a collaborative stakeholder engagement process, which brought together City of Sydney, EY, PDNSW, Transport for NSW, Brookfield, and many others. The resulting activation of Wynyard Park was truly unprecedented, showcasing the potential for the CBD to be reimagined as a dynamic and interactive public space.

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