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Create a groundbreaking event that intersects the technology and creative industries, and celebrates Western Sydney's rich culture.

Sound West
Sound West


Create a groundbreaking event that intersects the technology and creative industries, and celebrates Western Sydney's rich culture. Curate a program including live music performances, conferences, showcases, and immersive experiences.

Western Sydney is undergoing significant developments, including the Sydney Science Park, Aerotropolis, Sydney Powerhouse, and CSIRO, which will reshape workforce opportunities in the region for the next 20 years. With its diverse mix of cultures, Western Sydney is a fertile ground for new artistic and tech talent that is rapidly gaining international recognition.

To bring this event to life, collaborate with key stakeholders such as the Federal Government, NSW Government, City of Parramatta, Western Sydney Business Connection, and Western Sydney CALD and Cultural organizations. Bring international tech and creative heavyweights to Western Sydney to:

  1. Curate, present, and promote exceptional events and programs throughout the region.
  2. Enhance the careers of artists, musicians, and innovators.
  3. Champion diversity and inclusion.
  4. Advance Western Sydney's cultural landscape and stimulate its economy.
  5. Grow and strengthen Western Sydney businesses.

Sound West’s goal is to create an event that not only celebrates Western Sydney's unique culture but also helps to shape its future as a hub of innovation and creativity.

“Sound West has put Western Sydney on the map for our region’s growing talent in music and technology. It has such great potential to grow and expand Western Sydney’s reputation and economical clout in Australia and across the world.”

David Borger

CEO, Business Western Sydney

Sound West


The convergence of technology and entertainment, with the widespread adoption of crypto currency, NFTs, blockchain, AR, VR, AI, 5G, and platforms such as YouTube, Twitch, TikTok, Spotify, Facebook, Instagram, Apple, Amazon, and more, has opened up unprecedented opportunities for exciting new careers in music and content creation.

To bring this vision to life, PM employed a multi-faceted strategy, engaging a 13-member industry advisory board and a Western Sydney creative community board for consultation throughout the project. Key to the success of the project was the collaboration with both local and international tech and creative heavyweights, including TikTok, Immutable X, Sony, Linktree, Culture Kings, Red Bull, Live Nation, Shopify, Spotify, Warner Music, and many others.

The project itself included a one-day conference featuring over 50 speakers from the creative and technology industries, spread across five conference spaces. Additionally, 27 live music and showcase events were held in the City of Parramatta, activating hospitality, public spaces, and arts/theatre venues. An industry luncheon was also organized for the project and Western Sydney stakeholders, as well as a five-day workshop for APRA/AMCOS international songhubs. Finally, mentor and workshop sessions were held over the course of seven days, helping to develop the skills of aspiring creatives and entrepreneurs.

Sound West
Sound West
Sound West

The result

The conference was a resounding success, with tickets selling out quickly due to high demand. As a result of the APRA/AMCOS songhubs, several talented Western Sydney artists have been signed to publishing and recording deals.

Through the Sound West / Parramatta Eels partnership, the Commbank Stadium saw its biggest ever game-day attendance, with the electrifying musical performances adding to the excitement of the event. The project was able to reach a staggering total audience of five million people, with an estimated PR value of $3.5 million.



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