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Under Armour chose PM to oversee the planning, execution, and launch of the 2023 Super Retail Conference...

Under Armour
Under Armour


Under Armour chose PM to oversee the planning, execution, and launch of the 2023 Super Retail Conference, with the goal of utilizing the event to bolster UA's prominence in performance apparel and footwear. 

To accomplish this, PM was tasked with developing compelling and immersive content and experiences that exemplify the idea that "UA Makes You Better" and reinforces UA's leadership position. In order to achieve this objective, PM was directed to incorporate three critical components - THINK, FEEL, and DO/SAY - into the brand day's key messaging.

Under Armour


To shape our approach to SRC 2022, we crafted the following strategy:

  • Utilize a variety of active and passive activations and experiences to communicate essential brand messages and establish fundamental brand pillars in the hearts and minds of attendees.
  • Develop a series of carefully curated and progressively engaging showcases, interactive physical challenges, movement-based activities, and reflective engagement opportunities to guide attendees on a journey that aligns with the core brand objectives.
  • Focus the activation schedule on reinforcing the brand pillars and strengthening the messages, while also delivering a memorable and immersive experiential quantity that fosters positive brand imprints, builds on traditional foundations, and engages attendees beyond the typical conference routine to leave a lasting and extraordinary impression.
Under Armour
Under Armour
Under Armour

The result

Welcome to the UA Cairns Coliseum!

As attendees stepped into the transformed Cairns Auditorium, they were transported into a UA universe, filled with vital brand messages and excitement. The cascading amphitheater seating and bold UA branding created a gladiatorial atmosphere, setting the stage for an unforgettable experience.

The Coliseum was brimming with contest stations, while immersive digital displays showcasing UA's key messaging and hype reels played throughout the space, creating a captivating atmosphere.

Within the UA Coliseum, participants engaged in a short form UA Combine, inspired by the public-facing UA Combine activation, that brought key brand messages to life and inspired Rebel Sports team members to rise to the occasion and "Meet the Moment." Attendees moved between five key stations, participating in both active and passive activations aimed at fostering sportsmanship, gaining knowledge about the UA proposition, and experiencing the new UA product line.

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